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MTS Converter

More than just a MTS video converter, but a camcorder video converter that convert any camcorder recorded videos on mac os x and windows

MTS Converter updated news:

On 14, March, 2014: support H.265 encoded XAVC-S MXF, and AVCHD 2.0 MTS.

On 1, Jan, 2014: add new profile output video settings for converting MTS to iPad air/mimi, PS4, Microsoft Surface, and samsung galaxy s5/note 3

On 17, Jan, 2014: MTS converter update to 3.3.0, support some new camcorders: Canon Legria Mini X, Canon Legria HF R506, and JVC JY-HM85. All those new coming camcorder record video as .MTS format.

MTS Converter is a free video converter software which can convert mts files to avi, mov, vob, mpeg, mpg, mp4 with high video quality. In addition, if you want to playback avchd mts videos on your digital media devices (iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360, Zune, PS3, PSP and so on ), This free MTS converter software is an ideal choice. it also support converting mts files to mov format with 1920*1080 video size and 5.1 channels, editable in iMovie, FCPX os mac os x.besides converting mts videos, it also support converting other camcorder recorded video formats, such as ts, tp, mpeg-ts, mpeg-ps, tod, mod, mxf, hd-avi, mp4, mov, etc.

7 Killing Features ensure its outstanding:

  • 1. Batch conversion mode: user can batch add mutiple videos with diffrent file extensions.
    2. snapshot any source video frame and save as in jpg, jpeg, gif pictures.
    3. reset video resolution, frame, fps and codec encoding.
  • 4. convert avchd 2.0 mts to other video formats playable on digital player devices.
  • 5. ATI GPU and NVINIA GPU processing acceleration, 30X faster than similar mts converter.
  • 6. Basic video editing functions embeded: Clip MTS camcorder footages, cut off the unwanted segments, merge/join any video footages into a single one.
  • 7. Support 3D MTS Video import and export, convert 2D MTS to 3D MTS or 3D MTS to 2D.
  • MTS converter has friendly profiles for users to convert mts to various other professional creative video editor, such as convert mts to Avid media composer, adobe premiere, sony vegas, and prores 422 (profile located under "general video") for iMovie and FCPX . Many feedbacks has been show some certain MTS files recorded by camcorders cannot be directly import to video editor, one case is that 1080p 60FPS MTS , made recordings in 50p cannot directly import to iMovie and FCPX, even users keep the original structure of MTS (PRIVATE>FILE>IMPORT>MOVIES>AVCHD>BDMV>STREAM). Other situations may cause failing to import MTS, which usually occurs when only copy the single MTS file without copying the whole MTS file structure. All those problems can be tackled through using MTS converter. with this MTS converter, you can easily convert MTS video files to let video editor support them.
  • Here is a simple guide on how to change the codec of MTS file:
  • mts converter settings
  • Under "settings" : under frame rate - change fps (support 20fps, 23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 30fps, 50fps, 59.94fps, 60fps) , Aspect ratio can be reset to 4:3 or 16:9, under resolution: user can set 480p, 720p, 1080p or just type the resolution value you want have.
  • Under "audio settings": the remarkable of this mts converter is that it has audio channel settings which fully support 5.1 audio channel, that means you can convert mono 1 audio channel or stereo 2 audio channel to 5.1 audio channel.
  • As can be seen, After a complete settings of the original MTS format, you can gain Higher output video and audio quality.
  • All of these killing features cannot be found in free video converter software. This MTS converter is the best one and totally free.


  • windows movie maker and mac os x imovie now each has already support converting .MTS files into certain limited video formats
  • Windows: some certain video formats does not need use a shareware to convert it, like wmv and mp4 on windows, as windows 7 movie maker has update to support .mts as import video format, and can be converted to mp4, wmv, and avi video format. As windows movie maker is not a preinstalled software on windows7/8, user need install it separately.

    Mac: iMovie running on mac os x is a paid software, user need pay extra $14.99 to purchase it, it support import native mts with full file structure (generally the mts recorded by camcorder file structure is FILE>IMPORT>MOVIES>AVCHD>BDMV>STREAM  ) and convert mts to mov, m4v and mp4 video format, here is the download link: Download Here

    Other free source programs like FFMPEG can also convert MTS to various other video formats, which need a professional knowledge about codec and C++

  • As mts is not a video format strictly, but a video container h.264, ac3 codeced. The audio/video and sub file are separately stored, user who merely want extract audio from native mts or delete the timestamps, user can use this mtsmux tool to remux mts. it support remux mts into video, audio and sub file. sub contains the info about timestamps (when you recorded the mts video). just delete what you do not want, then use this tool remux into m2ts and rename .m2ts to .mts (.m2ts and .mts are the same file extension actually).